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…. Even in PARADISE, we need to work on creating HARMONY in our lives.

About Sea of Harmony

We, as human beings, are affected by changes throughout our time on this beautiful planet. Our family lives, our genetics, our work lives, our body and mind health, all have an impact on who we are.

When we are experiencing symptoms like:

Serious Illness, Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Violence, Disconnection and Suicide in the family, the reasons may be deeper and more hidden than first meets the eye.

At Sea of Harmony, we provide personal development services that are effective and somatically immediate. These services balance energies that have been unbalanced through life experiences, and create harmony within yourself and in your relationships.


Our services include:

Systemic and Family Constellation healing generational issues and relationships to others & yourself

Kinesiology touch for health & remote healing

Reiki hands on & distance healing, written reiki.

These therapies are extremely beneficial for intergenerational, family and organisation conflict resolution, as well as personal and trans-generational healing. They enable harmonious development of personal, family and workplace relationships. Bring balance into your life.

Our services are offered to you via:

* personal individual one on one sessions
* online via ZOOM
around the globe
* and/or constellation evenings or weekend workshop retreats

We are located on beautiful Magnetic Island, off Townsville Queensland, Australia. We also travel around Australia and the rest of the world upon request. Thank you for visiting today. Contact us to learn more.

With Lightness
Tatjana Hannan