Systemic & family Constellation

A child is born into the long story of their family and it's beliefs and history. Family traumas in the past have an effect, not just on the generation that suffered them.

They also create epigenetic tags in the DNA that can be passed on to the next generations. The symptom bearer can display these in relationship patterns, addictions, anxiety, depression, physical illness, or even suicide.

With Systemic Constellation we can reveal these dynamics, through viewing them at a distance.

So What is this "Family Constellation"?

.... and what does it do? 

I have been asked this question many times and here is a possible answer ......

Some of us have challenges in the relationships with our mother, father, our siblings, or partners and children, and even within ourselves. Because there are a few or even many people involved, looking at the issues becomes very complex. When someone in the family suffers, everyone feels it - in their own way. Through hidden loyalties, each member will have their opinion and beliefs that guide their behaviours.


Systemic and Family Constellation is a method where these dynamics are made visible and tangible. The inner picture of the seeker or client will be “set up”. To do this we use “Representatives”, which are either:

* figurines on a table; or 
* placeholder in a room in a one-on-one session; or most effectively,
* participants in a workshop setting.

The seeker or client, for example, has a conflict with his mother that he would like to resolve, because it effects his relationship with his girlfriend. Without the need to describe any details, the seeker chooses, with the help of the facilitator, the people and elements involved in the conflict and resources to strengthen them.

He might pick someone for himself and for his mother and perhaps for his girlfriend and/or someone for his 💗 .

The representatives are picked and placed in the room. Intuitively the seeker puts them in relation to each other, how it appears in his inner image. The people are looking in a certain direction, and are placed in proximity to each other. No other instructions are given to the representatives.

The interesting thing about this is that the people chosen get a felt sense about the position and the relationship between each other and emotions and feelings of the family of the seeker. This is felt also by the people in the circle only watching and holding the space.

This is a phenomenon that you might be doubtful about, especially if you have not experienced it yourself.

Through inquiry, the representatives share their experiences with a few words and this guides the change towards a more comfortable end picture. The representatives step out of their role, and have gained a deeper understanding and compassion. This is enriching for their own personal development, “walking in someone else’s moccasins“ so to speak.

This energy work touches on many levels. The effect can be felt by the seeker and the representatives, as their healing is activated and touches the original family who was not present. So, in this way it is quite unique and powerful in its application.

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With Lightness and Grace,
Tatjana Hannan