About Tatjana


Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated about humans and their changes throughout their development.

Working with young children for more than 25 years I have come to appreciate the impact families have on our lives.

During the late 80's I was introduced to energy work, though the practice of Kinesiology. This has taken me on a journey to explore the brain/body connection. I discovered through the muscle test, meridians and chakra energy, by observing the effect that stress and trauma has on the body, mind & emotions.

I found techniques to defuse and re-balance the energies. Learning about the innate power within, the self-healing, that knowing of what is blocked and what is needed to rebalance. I trust the inner knowing.

Using the techniques EFT NLP, TRE, Braingym, Touch for Health and One Brain, I discovered that there is more to it than meets the eye.

I was drawn to learn Reiki. This brought a more spiritual aspect to my practice, which might seem surprising as I see myself still as an atheist. Distrusting any dogma, I became aware how individual all of our experiences, believes, views and needs are.

When I experienced Systemic and Family Constellation in 2012, and felt it’s positive effect on my own family system, I was able to see how all the modalities connect. .


Meet My Ancestors


My Father’s mother is the little girl Pia in the middle.

My family endured so many tragedies … still their decendants continue life for the future.

Travelling to Germany, my home country, I found that this work, discovered by Bert Hellinger, has become main stream and is used today in business coaching and ancestral healing, as well as for personal development as a short therapy.

Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to immerse myself in the teachings of many systemic constellation facilitators. Many thanks to Thalia Klonis, Ulrike Julius, Donald Guss in Berlin and in Australia, Brenda Sutherland, who introduced me to Jane Peterson (USA) and Frank Breuer (Australia).

I also participated in the 3rd Australasian Constellation Intensive, facilitated by Stephan Hausner (Germany), Jan Jacob Stam (Netherlands), Ingala Robi (Mexico), Francesca Mason Boring (Canada), Angwynn St Just (USA), Ah Fung (China) and Diana Viola (Australia), as well as Caroline Ward (GB). I was trained by Matt Dilges and Margarete Koenning in The Sunshine Coast.

During the 4th Australasian Constellation intensive I presented a piece of work about the Integration of our Lifetime line and at the 5th Intensive in Sydney I was part of the support team to create ease and beauty for fellow constellation presenters.

Presently I offer regular short workshops in Townsville and Magnetic island and the annual Winter weekend workshops with Matt Dilges on the island.