One on one Family Constellation session using figurines and other objects to clarify a family situation

“It took me a while to find words for the Family Constellation I’ve done with Tatjana.

I had no experience, didn’t know what to expect. Tatjana made me feel so welcomed and through her beautiful energy I could really relax and enjoy the journey.

I’m deeply touched as a lot of feelings found their way out in the constellation, it’s such a relief!

Things have changed for the better since these blockages are opened up.

The Family Constellation send ripples out and it’s drawing it’s circles around us, like throwing a stone in the water. I’m excited to see what the ripples are going to touch! Thank you for this profound experience.”

~ M.H (Daughter, Mother and Partner)


Systemic Family Workshop Weekend, July 2017 Magnetic Island

“I have just attended a workshop with Tatjana Hannan and Matt Dilges on Magnetic Island. It was an amazing experience of inclusion, bonding and acceptance.

Tatjana and Matt supported members of the group, including myself to look at a personal issue in safety. I have experienced many constellation workshops and this was with the best of them.

I have known Tatjana for some time and see how she has grown into an exceptional facilitator. Matt is very skilled in giving understanding to what appears to be a complex or negative issue, creating acceptance and a new perspective. Both of these "walking hearts" are , I believe, the new breed of Constellation Facilitator.

Also the morning and afternoon tea food was yummy.

With Gratitude”

~ Linda Kerton, Bowen Therapist and Holistic Counsellor,  Melbourne


Systemic Family Constellation Workshop

“Tatjana's Family Constellation Workshop is a profound experience. If there is a willingness by the participants to be open to exploring their innermost self, then Tatjana's warm and supportive approach assists them to explore deeply.

The whole experience was deeply moving and healing. Thank you Tatjana.”

~ Zoe Fields, Intuitive Healer and Author  "Transformations"


One-on-One Session using space holders

“Tatjana's Family Constellation offers such powerful healing and letting go of personal family issues. I am so blessed to have Tatjana hold that loving space for me to release the past and give me new insights and perspective, deepening my relationships and moving forward with love.”

~ Emma Dahl, Dahlia Soul


Workshop : Flow of Love

“The Restore the Flow of Love Workshop exceeded my expectations. Matt and Tatjana’s sensitive and responsive facilitation provided a safe space for healing and growth.

The power of this work is simply phenomenal.

I now feel more freed up, enabled and resourced to move forward and experience greater flow and fulfillment in my life.

I feel as though I have drunk from a deep well and feel enlivened, energised and refreshed and this will also benefit me professionally.

I am deeply grateful for this experience – thank you.”

 ~ Suzanne Walshe, MBA